20 Acronyms of the English Most Popular

Sure that on several occasions I’ve found with acronyms of the English language and you’ve got OMG (‘Oh my god’). With the advancement of technologies it is very common to find acronyms like this daily, and it is that it is a practice increasingly used by part of the users of social networks(Even users of the social networks to study languages!). It is also very common in messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, WeChat… Even the Oxford English dictionaryincludes some from 2011. Not only are part of the digital world, out of this starting to ring among the more ‘geek’.

And is that the acronyms are not only fun. In addition dibujarte a smile you will save time and will help to keep a conversation more fluid.

From now on no longer will you be that face of surprise to see one of them, because here you have a list with the most popular (which you probably don’t teach you in any English course); don’t miss neither one. Another excuse to put in practice your English with any person from any part of the world, because its use extends to virtually all corners of the planet.


What means this acronym: ‘Also Known As’.

And what about in Spanish?: Also known as, or alias.

Not only is the acronym favorite rappers, he is also the superhero. Don’t need to be a superhero or rapper to show off on Twitter.

Example: Selina Kyle aka Catwoman.

20 Acronyms of the English Most Popular 1


What means this acronym: ‘As Soon As Possible’.

And what about in Spanish?: As soon as possible.

One of the acronyms most commonly used in both digital applications and outside of them. A way to put in a hurry without being noticed. It is also used in the world of work when firms require something quickly via e-mail.

Example: We have to book that trip so expensive to Paris ASAP.


What means this acronym: ‘Face To Face’.

And what about in Spanish?: Face-to-face.

You can also write your F2F. Do you want a FTF with that guy or that girl that you have known in the network and both you like?

Example: I Propose a FTF to get to know us as soon as possible.


What means this acronym: ‘Laughing Out Loud’.

And what about in Spanish? Laugh-out-loud.

It is used to express joy but is sometimes used with an air of sarcastic. Other variations of meaning similar they are LMAO ‘Laughing My Ass Off’ which means “to break the ass of laughing” or LMFAO is ‘Laughing My Fucking Ass Off’, the version most foul that includes the word fucking.

Example: I am going to break the face of laughter LOL.

20 Acronyms of the English Most Popular 2


What means this acronym: ‘Oh My God’.

And what about in Spanish?: Oh my god!

We are in the acronym star as a surprise, and once you say it you can’t stop to repeat it, and but that asked about the adolescent american. We can also hear “Oh My Gosh” which is a way of saying the same thing but with more tact and respect towards the religious world.

Example: OMG! Don’t miss the new ‘look’ of Mario Vaquerizo.

20 Acronyms of the English Most Popular 3


What means this acronym: ‘What The Fuck?’

And what about in Spanish?: What the fuck? (Content of such foul fully justified)

It is used to express wonder or dissent of ordinary way. Despite this fact is the most used and its origin dates back to 1985, according to the historian of language Ben Zimmer, who claims to have found their first use on the Internet in a post to the Usenet network that was titled “Ramblings”.

Example: WTF, has written to me to ask me for a photo after several years of no articulate word.


What means this acronym: ‘Want To Buy’.

And what about in Spanish?: I want to buy.

What tend to employ females when they are chatting between friends to express that he has called attention to an object, and want to buy it.

Example: have You seen the new collection of Versace for H&M? WTB


What means this acronym: ‘By The Way’.

And what about in Spanish?: By the way.

Their most common use you can see it in emails from professional issues. If you want to have an event and do not know how to interrupt the conversation, this is the perfect acronym.

Example: BTW, I’m going to live to London tomorrow.


What means this acronym: ‘Google Is Your Friend’.

And what about in Spanish?: Google is your friend.

A quick way of saying “googléalo”. Do you have made a question about a topic and you have no idea what the answer is? Google will do it for you.

Example: Question: What means “chocolatástico”? Answer: GIYF.


What means this acronym: ‘Just In Case’.

And what about in Spanish?: Just in case.

It is the English version of the expression “if aca”. You must always have a ‘just-in-case’ to get ahead in certain situations.

Example: I take an empty suitcase JIC dropped with New York.


What means this acronym: ‘I Love You’.

And what about in Spanish?: I love you.

If you are in love or in love, express yourself, or say goodbye with a LY. Another alternative is to put the same thing would be to ILLUMINATE, by substituting “And” for “Or”, that is as referring “You”.

Example: you have made Me feel very happy LY.


What means this acronym: ‘For Your Information’.

And what about in Spanish?: For your information or your knowledge.

It is generally used in a professional manner in emails to point out that the message is informative and that your time is not expected to reply by the issuer.

Example: FYI I’m not for anyone.


What means this acronym: ‘Have A Good Day’.

And what about in Spanish?: Have a good day.

Of the best ways to wish a good day through a messaging app and if you join them in a smiley, the coffee will taste better.

Example: I’m flying to the “uni”, HAGD.


What means this acronym: ‘In My Opinion’.

And what about in Spanish?: In my opinion.

It is the acronyms most ancient that exist in digital communication. Other variations that exist are: “IMHO” (in my honest opinion/in my humble opinion), which means “in my honest opinion” and “in my humble opinion” respectively. We also found “IMNSHO”, “in my not so humble opinion” (in my not so humble opinion).

Example: IMO I would not go as well or to the corner.


What means this acronym: ‘Happy Birthday’.

And what about in Spanish?: Happy Birthday.

Very used on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we can even find it as a hashtag. A way to congratulate the birthday of a fast way. And if you don’t tell that to Bill Clinton who has been employed recently in twitter to congratulate his daughter.

Example: The years haven’t passed for you, HBD.


What means this acronym: ‘Be Right Back’.

And what about in Spanish?: Be right back.

Commonly used in instant messaging applications for mobile devices and chat. Very effective if you’re doing the food while chatting and don’t want to end the conversation. There is another expression similar BBL “Be Back Later” that means “I come back later”.

Example: I’m in the kitchen, BRB.


What means this acronym: ‘I Don’t Know’.

And what about in Spanish?: I don’t know.

Used in chat applications and instant messaging. It is very appropriate for quick conversations (and when you don’t have p*** idea).

Example: what You have said raelians? IDK.


What means this acronym: ‘Keep In Touch’.

And what about in Spanish?: We are in contact.

Denotes concern for the interlocutor. The most appropriate way to end a conversation, if you want to have another in the following days.

Example: thank you for everything, KIT.


What means this acronym: ‘Just Kidding’.

And what about in Spanish?: It’s a joke or just a joke.

This is an acronym that you should master if you like to make jokes through your messaging applications, favorite, and don’t want to leave half of it.

Example: do Not let it affect you, JK.


What means this acronym: ‘What Do You Think?’

And what about in Spanish?: What do you think?

We can be very good if we are shopping and we want to know the opinion on those shoes that we love. We also can come in handy when we talk through an application, messages, and the receiver takes to respond.

Example: I Am probándome outfits for the party tonight, WDYT.

Don’t hesitate to put them in practice because in addition to being updated with the slang of the “palabrejos” of the social networks you will leave more of a hurry without investing many minutes of your valuable time. You can also share it with your friends through the social networks, so as to avoid that will stay with face of silly when you express yourself JIC.