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Loyalty and faithfulness are words with similar meanings, and although many believe that they are synonymous, these two words have different senses. They represent more of these pranks of the Portuguese Language. Was surprised to know that loyalty and fidelity are different things? Let us explain what it means loyalty, faithfulness. Originating from the Latin legalis, the word was used to point • Read More »

What Is Understanding

Understanding is a feminine noun. The term comes from the Latin prensio, which is a shortening of prehensio, from the verb prehendere, which means “to grasp, apprehend”. The meaning of Understanding is the act of understanding and assimilating something. Understanding is the ability to understand the meaning of something, that is, it is the action, ability, or effect to understand.

AC and DC

The abbreviation AC DC has several meanings, but the most well-known of them is connected to the rock band australian. The band AC DC was formed in 1973 in Sydney, Australia by Malcolm and Angus Young, who are brothers. The band was one of the first and also one of the most influential heavy metal, as well as others in • Read More »


“Office of water” would be the correct translation for TOILET (Water Closet), but in English has the meaning of private, sink, toilet. In English-speaking countries the term is used to public toilets in places of free access, such as shopping malls, squares, etc. It is used in virtue of being a place for the care of the physiological needs, not • Read More »


Hardware can be described as the physical part of a computer. In computing hardware is everything that refers to the computer as a machine and its physical equipment. The Hardware is not a physical component only of personal computers. It is also present on tablets, smartphones, among others.

Buy Led Is Not Spending, Is Investment

Sustainable solutions and products in the industry business lounge Products, equipment and sustainable solutions occupy some Salon booths Industry business, one of the parallel events of the entrepreneur fair MT 2015. Entrepreneurs bet on sustainability as a trend that is here to stay and are excited about that prospect and win new customers at the • Read More »

Htc Is Catching Up

GPS cell phones are the new trend. Hardly a mobile ventures more without GPS receiver in the trade. No matter whether its focus on multimedia or business features is.

What is Shock

Definition Multifaktoren syndrome leading to systemic and/or localized tissue hypoperfusion which is subsequently celularna hypoxia and multi-organ dysfunction. The anomalies in tissue perfusion may be a consequence of: The inability of the heart to act as an effective pump Mechanical barriers to blood flow Loss of volume cirkolatoren Abnormalities in the peripheral circulation

What is Selfie

What is selfie: Selfiees a neologism in English, used to refer to a self-portrait or self-portrait done by oneself with a smart phone (or smartphone), a web camera (web cam) or a digital camera, to be shared, in general, through social networks or platforms for micro-blogging, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

What is Beauty

What is beauty: Beauty is the attribute that we recognize in the beautiful. As such, some of the qualities that have been traditionally awarded to the beautiful are harmony, proportion, symmetry and perfection, as well as the ability to be pleasing to the eye and ear, and to capture the spirit. The word is derived • Read More »

What is a Vacuum Thermos Flask

At the idea of the unit we primarily think of cruise, but a thermos vacuum flask are unobtrusive and yet very useful and Assistant in the home. Thermos for domestic use from the travel in some details differ, although the principle remains the same. Keep the temperature of the drink or food.

What is a Bikini Swimsuit

The word bikini indicates a two-piece women’s swimwear, which is characterized by the division on top of covering the breasts and the lower part covering the wedge (groin area) and completely or only partial buttocks. Shapes and cuts both parts are very similar shapes of bras and panties in the conventional underwear. Different materials are used, which reflect the different demands that are placed on the swimwear • Read More »

What is Dress

A dress is a garment that covers the body in one piece from the shoulders to the legs. It pulls the head through an opening in the back, on the front or no openings at all. History If the term refers nowadays in the West almost exclusively to women’s clothing, many cultures consider it a traditional male garment (Islamic countries, the Far East , some peoples • Read More »

What is Leggings

For all those who would not know? what looks like this thing very… curious, easy. Imagine a sticky, very opaque, and Footless. Before being fashion, called also the leggings ‘tights without foot. Leggings, obviously more class.

What is a Blouse

A blouse is a garment, similar to the shirt, worn by women, children and, alternatively, both women and men at work. History blouse Blouses were rarely part of the wardrobe of women until the 1890s Before then, were occasionally popular for informal wear in styles that resembled peasant or traditional clothing, such as shirt Garibaldi of the 1860s.

What is Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket, also called flight jacket, is a piece of coat similar to a long jacket that is made ​​in different styles and materials. The use of bomber jackets comes from the British pilots of the Second World War. They were subsequently adopted by the population now being commonly used garment for both men and women.

What is Brassiere

Bras are underwear supporting women’s breasts. The bra is similar to the bikini top part, but it is part of a bikini bathing suit and can not be called a bra. In general, girls start to wear a bra around 11-14 years of age, when their breasts usually begin to be already so bulky that they need support. Once a woman starts • Read More »

What is Smartwatch

Smartwatch is A smartwatch is a Smart Watch. The word, as such, is an English word with the words smart, which means ‘smart’, and watch, which translates ‘clock’. Smartwatch, in this sense, is a trade name that has been used to designate high-tech products such as cell phones (smartphone) or TV (smart TV), and which • Read More »

What is a Wall Clock

Time is one of the most fascinating concepts that exist. It is unclear when the man has decided for the first time to start measuring the alternation of day and night or the use of the seasons. But this certainly has to do with the human need to place the memories in a precise point • Read More »

What is Night Light

Do you know when was your last lie? Come on, let’s face it, becoming a parent is not easy… Especially at night. And in the morning. Like many parents, you try to establish rituals to help your baby or your child get to sleep. You’re ready to tweak it so that your Darling offspring rises a little later… To • Read More »