Delaware Counties List


Delaware is one of the 50 states of the United States of North America. The state is located in the Southern region of the US and has a population of 907,135 (2011). The capital is Dover and the standard abbreviation for the state is DE.

Delaware borders Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland to the west and south, and New Jersey to the east.

To the east, the state lies to the north and the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

With an area of 6,452 kmĀ², Delaware is the smallest of the fifty states of the US after the state of Rhode Island.

The state is located for the most part on the Delmarva Peninsula in the Atlantic Coastal Plain. The soil is mostly flat and fertile.

The extreme north of Delaware is hilly and is part of the Piedmont Plateau.

The state is rich in forests and has several nature parks. Along the coast are some swamps.

The main river is the Delaware. This forms the border with the state of New Jersey.

Climate and Vacation
Delaware is a transition zone between a humid subtropical climate and a continental climate. The climate is characterized by warm, humid summers and mild winters.

Nature in the state includes beautiful beaches. There are also a number of state parks and game reserves.

The state has many historic buildings, including the Old Dutch House from about 1704 and the Amstel House from about 1730. Both buildings are located in the town of New Castle.

Cities Delaware
In addition to the capital Dover, other cities in Delaware are: Delaware City, Harrington, Lewes, Middletown, Milford, New Castle, Newark, Rehoboth Beach, Seaford, Wilmington.

Delaware counties
According to, the American state of Delaware is administratively subdivided into three counties. This makes the state the state with the fewest counties. The counties are New Castle, Kent County and Sussex County.

Delaware borders the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. In the east, the state lies on the Atlantic Ocean. The capital is Dover.

Delaware Counties List

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