Restaurants of Fujairah

Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Fujairah is one of the popular resorts of the UAE, an emirate with the capital of the same name, which is very different from other regions of the country. The only one of all, it is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea of ​​​​the Indian Ocean (unlike other emirates, washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf) and boasts a relatively large amount of precipitation by local standards and nature atypical for the UAE – green valleys, majestic mountains and wide beaches with golden sand. For United Arab Emirates climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

About 140 thousand people live in Fujairah, there are no skyscrapers and bustle of million-plus cities, but agriculture is well developed here, interesting historical monuments have been preserved and all conditions for a calm and secluded vacation have been created. And it is also the only emirate that does not produce hydrocarbons, which is only good for tourists.

Communication and Wi-Fi

In Fujairah, as in all the UAE, there are only two mobile operators – Etisalat and Du. Tariffs and rules for using the services they have are about the same. The cost of a local SIM card is approximately 85 AED, this amount already includes an Internet traffic package, SMS and calls. You can also choose a tariff only with a mobile Internet package.

Internet coverage is very good here, with connections almost everywhere except for the remote desert and the open sea. In public places – airports, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers – free Wi-Fi is provided. And experienced tourists are advised to use it to the maximum, since mobile Internet is quite expensive here.


You can improve your health at the hot springs of Al Ain Gomur, 20 km from the capital of the emirate. Formed as a result of a volcanic eruption, they are rich in sulfur and remain hot at any time of the year. Healing water has an antimicrobial and antiparasitic effect, well helps with rheumatism and skin diseases. Bathing in the springs gushing in a picturesque rocky valley can be combined with a cultural program: climbing to the top of the Hajar Mountains (the view from the observation deck is unforgettable) and visiting the nearby camel market.

Diving in Fujairah

Most of the standing Fujairah dive sites are located near the Oceanic Hotel, a 15-20 minute boat ride. For example, it is worth diving at Martini rock, covered with multi-colored soft corals (depth from 3 to 19 m). Here you can meet lion-fish, beautiful cuttlefish, scorpion fish and others. In Khor Fakkan, surrounded by mountains, you can relax on beautiful beaches and go on a trip to coral reefs and shipwrecks, and in the surrounding waters of Dibba you can see accumulations of hard corals, many turtles and even sharks.

Other popular dive sites include Shark Island, Car Graveyard artificial reef, Three Rocks, Spuppy Island with a shallow depth of 3 to 7 m, Dibba Island and the Underwater Cave World Chasm.


Fujairah is far from the main emirate of shopaholics, but famous silk carpets, perfumes based on plant extracts, cashmere clothes, fur coats, pearls, gold, hookahs and Turks are also sold here.

Authentic items and handicrafts are best purchased at the Friday Market, which actually works on any day of the week. The choice of goods here is really huge, you can and should bargain for every thing: with a gambling deal that is pleasant for both parties, you can save up to 50% of the original cost.

Popular malls with many chain and local shops, cinemas, coffee houses, food courts and children’s towns are Fujairah City Center, Century Mall, Dana Plaza, Fujairah Tower Mall. It sells clothes, shoes, jewelry, gadgets, perfumes. And yes, bargaining even in stores is appropriate.

Cuisine and restaurants of Fujairah

Arabic cuisine is based on meat dishes, fresh vegetables, seafood, fruits and delicious desserts. And almost all of them do not have significant differences in different cities and emirates. However, some things can only be tasted in Fujairah. These are “al madruba” – salted fish boiled with spices and served with flour, “guzi” – lamb with nuts and rice, “hummus” – chickpea paste, “kebbe” – meat balls and other options for roast meat and vegetables. We recommend finishing the lunch with the curd dessert “Esh-Asaya” with a cup of fragrant coffee, which is prepared here exclusively in Turks, and not in coffee machines.

Be sure to try the street shawarma made from fresh meat, it bears little resemblance to the Russian “brother”.

There are over 200 restaurants in Fujairah, but not every hotel is within walking distance. For afternoon snacks and full meals, beach restaurants are great: seafood or grilled fish right on the ocean will be even tastier than usual.

There are quite a few bars and nightclubs in Fujairah, but hotels have discos with dancing and pubs where you can drink beer and watch a football match broadcast.

Restaurants of Fujairah

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