Guide on Acronyms and Designations of Lenses and Photographic Objectives

Each parent calls their child as it pleases, that is clear, but when we come into the world of photography and we find that each brand has a different way to describe the objectives and lenses in his catalogue, the thing starts to bundling.

When we are accustomed to a brand is easily understandable, at least for those who have some years on it, but who has not read: new Tamron AF 28-75 mm f/2.8 SP XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) and said, ole the Tamron guys, I only heard the focal length and aperture, but the rest or potato (well Yes, that has some aesferica lens).

As a good solution for having always hand the meaning of all these acronyms and designations is to take a look at the super list has created Demian Villanueva in his blog Visual settings

In short we can get a general idea with this comparative table for Canon, Nikon, Tokina, Tamron and Sigma:

Download the picture in PFD format

Although it is best that you take a look to the complete guide, explaining each of the initials and names divided by marks Demian.
Even being a magnificent work, Miss least some camera brands such as Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, among others, so while we congratulate Deniam you are encouraged to complete the work.
Update: Demian has put hands to work and already we can find names and acronyms of other brands, I leave the message that has left us in the comments: today I added Sony/Minolta and Olympus/Zuiko, if you see errors or want to add something about them, more than welcome!
+ Pentax is the next mark I want to add, subtracts search information about their nomenclatures, collect, process it, translate it, and publish it. Panasonic, Leica, Carl Zeiss subtract also.
+ It is true, high-end Nikon objectives are the VR, it was my mistake to make the picture (copy and paste of the previous row, and I forgot to change it). Now this box shows “some incorporate a golden ring”.
(+ Also corrected another error in the picture, in which the legend of the penultimate row was wrong, now I have changed it to “camera optimized lenses Full Frame (can be used also in cameras with APS-C sensor”) Please update it!