Meaning of Antipodes

The concept of antipodes has two great meanings, but various forms of use. The first thing to keep in mind is that the term antipode (singular) is, according to the dictionary, an adjective.

In this case we can establish that the etymological origin of this term is found in the Greek. And it is derived from the word “antipodes”, which is the result of the sum of two clearly differentiated parts:
-The prefix “anti-“, which can be translated as “opposite”.
-The noun “pus”, which is synonymous with “foot”.
In that case, as an adjective, it can be used to refer to the person who identifies himself because his feet are quite far from each other.

Generally, the notion is used in the plural (antipodes) and as a noun. Another fact to consider is that the term can be used both in feminine (the antipodes, the antipode) and in the masculine (the antipodes, the antipode).

It must also be established that historically the term Antipodes is attributed to the cartographer, philosopher and grammarian Crates de Malos. Back in the 2nd century BC it was when he proposed that word and a century later it was reaffirmed and promoted by the astronomer and astrologer Claudio Ptolomeo.

As for the meanings, the idea of antipodes can appear applied to an individual or place with respect to another, when it is in a geographically very distant place. For example: “I haven’t seen my aunt Esther in many years since she lives in the antipodes”, “Next month I have to travel to the antipode for work reasons and she won’t be able to be on my son’s birthday”, “She doesn’t missing going to the antipodes to see strange things: it is enough to go out on the street and pay attention ”.

Specifically, the word is applied to two diametrically opposite places on the planet’s surface. Argentina and China, in this framework, are on the opposite lines, as are Spain and New Zealand.

In the same way, we cannot overlook the existence of the so-called Antipodal Islands. It is an uninhabited archipelago that exists in New Zealand. The main island is called Antipoda. However, there are also other equally relevant as Bollans.
The highest point of the archipelago is Mount Galloway, located at 402 meters of altitude, and has great animal wealth, highlighting the presence of parakeets, albatrosses and even those known as crested penguins.
It must be emphasized that the same along with other islands form the subantarctic islands of New Zealand. These have been listed as a World Heritage Site since the 1990s.

When two people, facts, situations or things are opposed to each other, they are said to be in the opposite direction: “I have nothing personal against the official candidate, but I am in the opposite direction of his political thought”, “My vision is in the antipodes of yours, but that does not mean that we cannot maintain our friendship “, ” Nicolás and Máximo are in the antipodes, I do not know how they will work together without fighting. ”


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