Meaning of Baggage

Gothic Bagga derived from French Bague, which later became Bagage. This term that can be translated as “cargo” came to our language as baggage.

Baggage is called suitcases (suitcases), bags and articles that a person carries with them when they travel. For example: “I left home with my baggage in tow, ready to travel the world”, “As soon as we arrived in the city, we left the baggage at the hotel and went to the beach”, “María Laura does not like to travel with so much baggage ”.

The concept is also used to name the luggage that troops carry when they march and, by extension, the animal used to carry members or army luggage.

Still in the field of the armed forces, in ancient times baggage was called the load that forced the inhabitants of the Spanish towns to contribute to the army when it passed through their localities. These neighbors, due to their baggage, had the obligation to put their horses and carts at the disposal of the troops to transport their luggage or even soldiers with health problems.

In the same way, we have to establish that at that time it was considered that neither the priests nor the nobles nor the mayor nor the tobacconists nor the relatives of the members of the Holy Inquisition were bound to the baggage.

Baggage, on the other hand, is used in a symbolic sense to refer to the knowledge, abilities, skills or experience of an individual. In this case, the baggage is the “intellectual baggage” that a person carries: “I think Luciano is the ideal candidate for the position due to his enormous cultural baggage”, “He is a player who comes to our team with a very important baggage “, ” Playing this character gave me an emotional baggage that I will always carry with me.

Also, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as professional background. With this term it comes to refer not only to the qualifications that an individual may have but also to the work experience they have. Hence, that aforementioned background is essential when it comes to getting a job.

Yes, because companies will not hesitate to thoroughly analyze your resume to study the professional career you have up to that moment. And based on that, they will determine whether or not they are the ideal person to fill the job that is free.

In the same way, there is also what is known as emotional baggage. This is a term that is used to refer to all that set of experiences that have been lived on a personal level and that come to condition current behavior. Thus, for example, a person who has suffered several love disappointments because they have been unfaithful, will have many problems to be able to trust a new partner.

And the same applies, for example, with friendship. In this way, if someone has suffered because friends have lied to them or used them, they will have much more inconvenience to trust other people again.


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