Meaning of Bay

It is known as a bay at the entrance to the sea on the coast that has a considerable extension. It is a geographical feature similar to the gulf, which is a portion of sea between two headlands.

The gulfs are large bays, while the narrower bays are called fjords. The notion of a bay appears as the opposite of a peninsula or cape, which are portions of land that go into the water.

It could be said that a bay is the entrance of water surrounded by land except for an opening. It has the shape of a concavity on the coastline, which is created from the movement of the sea.

The bays are of great economic and social importance since, due to their natural characteristics, they usually allow the construction of ports and receive boats.

Many are the important bays that exist throughout the entire world geography. This would be the case, for example, of the well-known Bay of Cádiz, located in Andalusia (Spain). One of the main hallmarks of it is the fact that it has the privilege of being the natural port that is located closest to the so-called Strait of Gibraltar.

However, in addition to all this, it is worth noting in the same way that within the aforementioned bay there are natural areas of great environmental value such as Playa de la Cachucha, the island of Trocadero and the Bahía de Cadiz. An enclave the latter that has more than 10,000 hectares of extension and is declared as ZEPA (Special Protection Area for Birds).

Likewise, another of the most important bays in the world is the one in Cuba, which is called the Bahía Pigs. More than 160 kilometers south of Havana is located one that stands out for its spectacular beaches with mangroves, its coral reefs and its marshy areas.

This natural enclave is also known in the historical field. And it is that in 1961 it was through him that the CIA, through formed troops, tried to enter Cuba with the clear objective of overthrowing the political regime imposed there. However, it failed due to the actions carried out by the Revolutionary Armed Forces and this led to the death of hundreds of men.

On the other hand, Bahia is a state of Brazil that has more than 13 million inhabitants. Its capital is Salvador de Bahía, an important tourist center thanks to its colonial buildings, its beaches and its carnival.

Bahia stands out for the influence of African culture, since it is the Brazilian state with the highest relative number of blacks and mulattos.

It should be noted that Bahía Blanca is a port city located south of the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina) that has about 300,000 inhabitants. The most popular sport in Bahía Blanca is basketball: several of Argentina’s most important players, such as Emanuel Ginobili, are from the city.


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