Meaning of Mask

We have to establish, first of all, that mask is a word of Latin origin. Specifically, it is the result of the sum of two clearly differentiated parts:
-The prefix “anti-“, which can be translated as “ahead”.
-The noun “face”, which is equivalent to “face”.

The element used to cover the face, especially the area around the eyes, is called an eye mask. This kind of mask is used to make it difficult for the individual wearing it to be recognized.

For example: “At the carnival I am going to wear a mask that my grandmother gave me”, “The victim stated that the criminal hid his face behind a mask”, “When I was a boy, I used to wear a mask to play gunmen”.

Masks are often used at carnival, costume parties, and other celebrations. It is a decorative piece that aims at entertainment and fun. It is possible to find masks of paper, leather, plaster, wool or other materials.

There are those who wear masks to maintain anonymity and thus be able to act without others knowing who the person hiding his face is. In this framework, many criminals appeal to the mask when they commit a crime with the aim of not being recognized and achieving impunity.

Several fictional characters, on the other hand, are characterized by the use of a mask. One of the most popular is The Lone Ranger, known as the Lone Ranger in English. This character created by Fran Striker fights for justice alongside the aboriginal Toro, traveling the American west with his Silver (or Silver) horse.

The Lone Ranger first appeared in a radio drama. Over the years he had a television series, movies and comics, always wearing his traditional mask.

In the same way, it must be taken into account that in Spain there was a very important figure in the world of comics who wore an article like the one in question. We are referring to the Warrior of the Mask, which was one of the most important graphic literature series in the country throughout history and especially during the 1940s.

Manuel Gago GarcĂ­a was the one who gave shape to that character who, in reality, is called Adolfo de Moncada. He is the son of the Countess de Roca who was kidnapped by the Muslim King Ali Kan while pregnant with him. That monarch believed that the son was his and was raised as such. However, everything was discovered over time and the mother ended up being killed. Hence, it adopts the figure of that masked man to be able to fight against the Muslims in the height of the Catholic Monarchs.

Robin, Batman’s partner, is another fictional character who hides his features behind a mask. It was created by DC Comics in 1940 and then appeared in countless magazines, series, movies, and video games.

However, we cannot forget either that there are masks that are used to sleep. Specifically, they are used by people who need to have absolute darkness in the room where they rest and who, for some specific circumstance, cannot make it so. That is, they resort to the mask when there is too much light.


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