Meanings of Account

Account is the action and effect of counting (to number or compute things that are considered as homogeneous units, to put someone in the number that corresponds to them, to refer to an event, to take into account).

An account, therefore, can be a calculation or an arithmetic operation. For example: “Can you help me with this account? It is difficult for me to multiply numbers with decimals”, “If the account has not gone wrong, we have to pay twenty dollars each”, “The account indicates that, this time, we spent more than the first time”.

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For accounting, the account is the element that allows carrying out the classification of financial and commercial operations. Through the accounts, which are usually plotted in the form of T and divided into Debit ( Debit ) and Credit ( Credit ), these operations are recorded in the accounting books.

A count can be an arithmetic operation.

Bank account

Another use of the concept mentions the account as the deposit of money that is made in a financial institution. The current account is one that can be a debtor or a creditor; the user, therefore, can use money on credit (incur debt) and pay it later. Another type of account is the savings account, through which the user only has at their disposal the money they have deposited: “I want to make a withdrawal, please: I have an account at the center’s branch”, “There was a problem with the bank account and I could not make the transfer”.

The requirements for obtaining a certain type of bank account vary according to the institution, and the same goes for the conditions of use, additional services, maintenance costs and restrictions. For example, most banks charge fees for money transfers, and the fees are different from case to case. Similarly, it is common for credit and debit card renewal tax to be charged each year.

There are different types of bank accounts.

A membership

The term can also be used as a synonym for membership, referring to belonging to a group or entity. This is especially the case on the Internet, as we live in an era characterized by close relationships between service providers and their customers. In this sense, having an account on a website means having registered in its database, becoming part of its user portfolio.

There is talk of a unified account system when several devices or applications share the personal data of the same user. This is especially useful for people who regularly consume products from a certain company and want to keep their profiles when they renew their devices, or for groups of programs and tools that benefit from the information collected by the rest to offer a more fluid and reliable experience..

When two or more devices allow the unification of user accounts, the history of actions performed on each one of them, as well as certain sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, are usually available from the rest, which results in greater comfort. One of the strengths of this implementation is that when a device suffers irreparable damage or is lost, the economic loss is not added to that of personal information, which is often of vital importance.

Counts as business, position or reason

Account is also the reason for something or the care, charge or concern : “Maria is nobody to ask for an account of my actions”, “Guys, the next round of beer is on me”.

On the other hand, the expression clear accounts refers to a relationship in which there are no misunderstandings or unresolved issues; It can also be used literally to refer to the absence of debts or the knowledge of them, without the risk that they will not be adequately paid.


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