Meanings of Coexistence

Coexistence is the action of living together (living in the company of another or others). In its broadest sense, it is a concept linked to the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of human groups in the same space. For example: “The government must guarantee the coexistence of the various ethnic groups without outbreaks of violence”, “We have been living together for three months”.

According to, the human being is a social being. No person lives completely isolated from the rest, since interaction with other individuals is essential for well -being and health. However, coexistence is not always easy, given that certain social, cultural or economic differences, among many other possibilities, can negatively interfere.

Tolerance and respect are essential for peaceful coexistence.

Coexistence problems

In certain countries, given the high rental prices of housing, immigrants are forced to share apartments, and coexistence between people of different nationalities can be as enriching as it is complicated. Undoubtedly, racism is among the worst ingredients of a life together, and can lead to very unfortunate results; on the other hand, living with a person whose nationality has negative connotations for us can become the best way to understand that generalizing is wasting time and energy, and that a passport does not say much about an individual.

But all problems are not as serious and deep as contempt for a race; a mere time difference can spark friction and confrontations that hinder coexistence. The same goes for cleaning habits, musical tastes and culinary customs. In the best of cases, it is always possible to reach an agreement, that each party adapts to the needs of the others so that no one has to put up with annoying or hurtful situations. If dialogue does not work, or if it is concluded that change is not possible, then the best path is a peaceful separation.

Coexistence problems can impact physical health. Some studies show that immigrants have a higher rate of heart disease than native settlers, a situation that is explained by the absence of friendship ties and family support. A better coexistence, with close social ties, contributes to well-being.

Living with pets brings health benefits.

The values, the key

Respect and solidarity are two essential values for harmonious coexistence to be possible. Of course, there are different levels or types of coexistence: coexistence with the family within a home is very different from coexistence with other human beings within the framework of a community (a neighborhood, a city), since intimacy of both cases is incomparable.

Different currents maintain that the consciousness of the Self can only be had from the existence of the Other. In this social interdependence that occurs in coexistence, each person defines himself.

Benefits of living with pets

Various studies have shown that coexistence with animals of other species is very beneficial for human beings, both for their physical and mental health. It is important to surround yourself with individuals who have not been corrupted by the desire for power, who do not attack their peers, who live based on respect and compassion; and people do not usually have these virtues.

Living with dogs, for example, gives us lessons in fidelity and consideration on a daily basis. In addition, since they are animals that do not demand much more than love and respect, they make us more sensitive and help us get rid of material goods. Part of living with these creatures includes going for a walk a minimum of twice a day, so that they exercise and interact with other living beings; this activity inevitably brings us closer to nature, distances us from contamination and superficiality, and helps us remember where we come from.


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