Meanings of Contradicted

The origin of the term contradicted is found in the verb contrariar, which refers to contradicting, embittering or angering someone. For example: “I am upset by what happened at the party”, “The actor was very upset by the statements of his ex-wife”, “Upset, the young man left the place in silence”.

Whoever feels upset, therefore, is upset when he notices that something turns out to be contrary to his ideas or his forecasts. Take the case of a soccer coach who is hired by a team with the goal of winning a championship or at least placing in the top ranks. Six months later, his team is in last place in the standings, with a record of two wins, five draws and seven losses. This situation makes the coach upset: the reality is very different from what he expected to achieve when he started his job. That is why he feels frustrated.

According to, a person can express that he is upset because that is how he feels: angry, sad, afflicted. A man, in this context, can say to his partner: “I was upset by what you told me yesterday on the phone: do you really plan to leave the company?” . In other cases, someone can ensure that another person is upset because of what their gestures or body attitude reflect. A journalist, in this sense, can point out that an actor was seen to be upset when he left a meeting he held with a producer. Only the protagonist, of course, knows if he really feels that way.

Among the synonyms of the term upset, in addition to those exposed so far in the previous paragraphs, we can highlight embarrassed, disappointed, disappointed and dissatisfied. It is worth mentioning that there is also a nuance that refers to the mood of those who feel this way, and that is why it can be said that the word moody is another of its synonyms.

When we make a certain effort and it gives us a result opposite to what we expected, or when a person expresses ideas opposite to ours and this hurts our sensitivity in some way, we feel upset and, many times, this is noticed in the form of Bad mood. In any case, it is necessary to differentiate this from the bad mood that arises because of trivial matters, which are not related to expectations but perhaps to lack of sleep, for example.

If we focus on the verb to contradict, we find a series of synonyms that are very interesting to continue delving into the meaning of these concepts: upset , contradict, annoy, annoy, annoy, annoy, mortify, annoy, attack and hinder are some of the more relevant.

In this range of words we find different intensities that are worth noting; for example, it is curious that contradicting is on the same list as mortifying: the first is defined as “saying the opposite of what another individual affirms, or denying what he considers to be true”; the second, for its part, means “to cause annoyance or sorrow, to afflict ”. At first glance, we can say that both actions can lead someone to feel upset, although this is only one of the many possibilities.

As is often the case with other terms of a similar nature, in this case we find a single antonym that is sufficient to represent the feeling of someone who is at the opposite end of the annoyance: satisfied. While to define the word upset we must go through an intricate series of feelings and sensations, the opposite state is as simple and as pleasant as satisfaction, although it is not necessarily less complex, since for each individual it can evoke very different situations.


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