Meanings of Teeth

The notion of teeth refers to the set of teeth that a human being or an animal has in their mouth. In the dentition it is possible to differentiate between various kinds of teeth, such as fangs, molars, incisors and others.

For example: “As a result of the accident, the man lost his teeth”, “I would like to fix my teeth, but I have no money”, “When she got off the plane, the actress captivated everyone with a smile that revealed her perfect teeth ”.

Dentistry is the medical specialty dedicated to the study of teeth. The professional specialized in everything related to the teeth is called a dentist or dentist.

The denture fulfills very important functions in food and speech. A person who has problems with their teeth, therefore, may experience inconvenience when eating or expressing themselves. Oral diseases, on the other hand, can affect disorders in other parts of the body or even general ones.

The conditions of the teeth also affect the socialization of men and women. Those who lack one or more visible teeth may feel self-conscious about this situation since teeth are an important part of personal aesthetics. You may even try not to smile to hide your dental problems.

It should be noted that individuals who have lost their teeth can resort to prostheses known as dentures, which allow the missing pieces to be replaced. Thanks to these resin dentures, the subject can eat or speak almost normally again.

Tips for caring for teeth

Dental care is not so difficult if we merge it with our lifestyle, since it is closely linked to other important aspects of our health, including diet. For example, it is known that white sugar can harm our health and our teeth, so it should not be consumed in excess.

There are those who prefer to eliminate it completely from the diet, in part because calcium is necessary for its assimilation, for which its consumption removes a percentage of this mineral from the bones and teeth. Another reason to completely abandon white sugar is that it acidifies our body, especially the mouth, and that can cause dental disorders. Alternatives to this product? Honey, maple syrup, xylitol, or coconut sugar.

Acidity is another of the enemies of teeth, since gas rises from the stomach and changes the pH of our saliva. To regulate it we must feed ourselves with seeds, nuts and fresh vegetables.

A classic habit to take care of the teeth is the use of dental floss as a complement to brushing, to remove the remains of food that are trapped near the gums; If we do not take this custom, they rot and cause infections and tartar, among other consequences.

Similarly, brushing your teeth is not enough to take care of your teeth, but we must choose the most suitable toothpaste, since the cheapest ones have sulfates that damage the flora and the pH, making our mouth vulnerable to various types of infections. Natural toothpastes with essential oils are highly recommended.

Using mouthwashes can offer us certain benefits, such as fresh breath throughout the night and a more or less effective fight against bacteria, but also some disadvantages, such as a harmful action due to the presence of components such as alcohol.. It is recommended to prepare a mouthwash based on essential oils and water.


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