What does AMBEV Stand for

Americas ’ Beverage Company Ambev is the symbol of Americas ’ Beverage Company (Companhia de Bebidas das Américas). The company, headquartered in the city of São Paulo, is part of the AB InBev, the world leader in the production and marketing of beers. Largest brewery in Latin America and fourth largest in the international scenario, • Read More »

What does IUPAC Stand for

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Iupac is the acronym of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, which in Portuguese means International Union of pure and applied chemistry. Founded in 1919 by chemists that acted in industry and academia, the Union is now composed of more than 50 Member States and 20 countries, • Read More »

What does INFRAERO Stand for

Brazilian Company of airport infrastructure Infraero is the symbol of Brazilian Company of airport infrastructure, a federal public company linked to the Department of Civil Aviation (which also controls the Anac).

What are Glasses

A spectacle is a structure worn before the eyes, as in the majority of cases optical aids correct refractive errors and position errors of the eye and as such they are called correction or prescription glasses. In addition, glasses are used to protect against external influences, injuries or over-stimulation and to therapeutic, diagnostic and experimental purposes. Even as a fashion accessory is the spectacle of importance.

What is Ethernet

ETHERNET local area computer networks. General principles, types of frameworks and structures of ETHERNET networks. 802,3 IEEE-Ethernet PARC ETHERNET, before 1970, is created initially in the form of a corporate standard for coaxial cable and speed 10Mbit. On the basis of them creates a DIx Ethernet. The projects are being developed by IEEE 802. In these access method • Read More »

What does YSL Stand for

Yves Saint Laurent YSL stands for Yves Saint Laurent, one of the most important names in the history of Haute Couture. Born in Algeria in 1936, Saint Laurent was created in France and entered the world of fashion at the age of 17 years, when he started working with fashion designer Christian Dior. In 1957, • Read More »

What is a Corset

Corset is a part of the dress code of women’s use since the end of the fourteenth century to the first decade of the twentieth century. The main task of the corset is a stiffening of the body, breast enhancement, underline and line slimming waistline. Sometimes it is also assumed by men for the corresponding shape silhouette.

What is PTZ CCTV Camera

First of all see what a PTZ camera. PTZ means in English Pan / Tilt / Zoom. It is the movement that the camera is capable of performing. It may therefore pivot on the horizontal axis (Tilt), vertical (Pan) and zoom! These basic movements allow the PTZ to climb on the course of the most powerful cameras and more suitable for monitoring large areas.

What is a Sun Umbrella

Of the 18th century – a time when young ladies wore dresses lush, stacked skirts and hot weather is not looking on the street without a mandatory accessory – an umbrella from the sun. It is them became faithful companion, is an indicator of wealth and served to confirm, following the fashion trends of the • Read More »

What does UNICEF Stand for

United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF stands for United Nations Children’s Fund, ’ (United Nations Children’s Fund), an organization affiliated to the UN. Founded in 1946, initially with the goal of helping children victims of World War II, the organization is headquartered in New York. In General, the goal of UNICEF is to defend the rights • Read More »

What does PDCA Stand for

Plan, Do, Check, Act PDCA is an acronym for “ Plan, Do, Check, Act “, which in Portuguese means “ Plan, Do, Check, Act “. The sequence of words is called a process control tool consists of four steps. The tool, called the PDCA cycle, is quite effective in resolving problems and implementing improvements, and • Read More »

What does UN Stand for

United Nations Organization UN is the acronym for the United Nations. The international entity is comprised of countries that have joined together to work voluntarily for peace and human development. The foundation document expresses the ideals, the commitments and the purposes of peoples whose Governments have joined together to form the United Nations: preserve the • Read More »

What does NET Stand for

Network .net extension is the abbreviation for network. This is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) used in the Nameservers on the Internet. The .net domain is operated by VeriSign. Created in January 1985, was initially used mainly by computers of network providers (such as internet service providers). Today there are no more restrictions to register • Read More »

What does EN Stand for

The workers ‘ Party EN is the abbreviation of the workers ‘ Party, founded in February 1980, was born in the context of the social mobilizations that have marked the political, economic and social history brazilian from the second half of the Decade of 1970. The country lived the military dictatorship imposed on the people • Read More »

What does ANAC Stand for

The National Civil Aviation Agency Anac is the acronym of the National Civil Aviation Agency. It is of an independent regulatory agency, a governmental agency that exists to ensure the continuity of the provision of services of civil aviation in Brazil, protect the interests of users and comply with the — system legislation notably the • Read More »

What does BA Stand for

Bahia BA is the acronym for Bahia – one of the 27 States of Brazil. Situated south of the Northeast, the State is the largest in the region in extension, has the largest population, the biggest GDP and the largest number of municipalities, in addition to being what else receives tourists. The Bahia makes boundary • Read More »

What does FIAT Stand for

Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino Fiat stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (in Portuguese, Italian automobile Factory of Turin). Founded by Italian businessmen in 1899, in the Italian city of Turin, the automaker was created to compete with the French auto industry and also to develop technology for racing cars, but ended up turning to the • Read More »

What does BRL Stand for

Brazilian Real BRL is the currency code Real Brazilian (Brazilian Real) according to international standard ISO 4217. Established on 1 July 1994, during the Government of President Itamar Franco, was designed to be a more reliable currency in relation to who came before her. At that time, in addition to being in the midst of • Read More »