What Does ABNT Stand for

Brazilian Association of technical standards ABNT is the symbol of Brazilian Association of technical standards, which are responsible for defining the technical standards of the country concerning the most diverse domains. Founded in 1940, ABNT is part of Sinmetro and is the only National Forum for standardisation established by Conmetro. Composed of producers, suppliers and • Read More »

What Does CONMETRO Stand for

National Council of metrology, standardization and Industrial quality Conmetro is the acronym of the National Council of metrology, standardization and Industrial quality. This is an interministerial group consisting of the Ministers of development, industry and foreign trade; of science and technology; of health; of labor and employment; the environment; of Foreign Affairs; of Justice; of • Read More »

What Does SINMETRO Stand for

National System of metrology, standardization and Industrial quality Sinmetro is the acronym for National System of metrology, standardization and Industrial quality. Consisting of public and private entities performing activities related to metrology, standardization, industrial quality and compliance certification, the Sinmetro serves those bodies offering support. The testing and calibration laboratories that are part of your • Read More »

What Does PMDB Stand for

Brazilian democratic movement Party PMDB is the acronym for the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party. It is the largest Brazilian political party, although, so far, no President of the Republic elected by direct vote. Has the largest number of affiliates, as well as mayors and Councillors, in addition to having the largest representation in the Congress.

What Does AB INBEV Stand for

Anheuser-Busch InBev AB InBev is the acronym of Anheuser-Busch InBev. The company was created in 2004, by the merger of AmBev, of Brazil, drinks and Interbrew, of Belgium. The principle, adopted the name InBev. Later, in 2008, the acquisition of the American brewery Anheuser-Busch resulted in updating the name to Anheuser-Busch InBev.

What Does MEC Stand for

Ministry of education MEC stands for Ministry of education. It is a public agency of the federal Government of Brazil founded on 14 November 1930, by Decree number 19402, with the name of Ministry of education and Public Health, by then-President Getulio Vargas. The MNESP was in charge of the study and dispatch of all • Read More »

What Does IP Stand for

Internet Protocol IP stands for Internet Protocol Internet Protocol –, in free translation for the Portuguese. This is the internet’s main communications protocol. In short, it is an address made up of a set of numbers that identify a device on the network. He is responsible for addressing and routing packets that travel through the World • Read More »

What Does ENEM Stand for

National high school examination Enem is the acronym for national high school examination. This is a test performed by the INEP in order to assess the quality of the high school in Brazil. With an average of seven million subscribers and being applied in over 1600 cities, the exam is the largest in the country • Read More »

What Does UFBA Stand for

Federal University of Bahia UFBA is the acronym for Universidade Federal da Bahia. It is a public institution of higher education brazilian, considered the largest and most influential in the State capital Salvador and two campus within: barriers and Vitória da Conquista. Maintained by the Federal Government of Brazil and bound to the MEC, the • Read More »

What Does SMS Stand for

Short Message Service SMS stands for Short Message Service (in Portuguese, short message service), a text message service by phone. Created by a team of engineers from Vodafone of United Kingdom, the service began to be deployed in the first GSM networks.

What Does LASER Stand for

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation). A laser is a device that emits electromagnetic radiation (light) with three fundamental features: Monochrome

What Does CRM Stand for

Customer Relationship Management CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management-customer relationship management, loosely translated to the Portuguese language. It is a comprehensive means of managing the relationship with customers for mutual benefit and lasting. Currently, the modern CRM systems help companies to create and maintain a good relationship with your customers by capturing and inter-relacionando information • Read More »

What Does MP Stand for

Public Ministry MP is the acronym for – essential institution public prosecutor to the legal authority of the State. The tasks and instruments of the Ministry are provided for in article 129 of the Constitution, in the chapter “ of the functions essential to Justice ”. It is up to defend the legal order, MP • Read More »

What Does WWW Stand for

The World Wide Web WWW stands for World Wide Web, in literal translation for the Portuguese Web – II. Also known as Web, this system of hypermedia documents that are interconnected and run on the internet. Such documents may be from videos and sounds the hypertexts and images. To view the content is necessary to • Read More »

What Does Host Stand for

Hosting Host is the abbreviation of Hosting, which in literal translation for the Portuguese it means host. There are several meanings for the term, depending on, above all, the context in which it is inserted. In computer science, is any machine or host computer connected to a network, that offers information, resources, services and applications • Read More »

What Does SEO Stand for

Search Engine Optimization SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization). This is a set of techniques applied to Web pages in order to make them occupy the best positions on the results pages of search engines. The work of SEO is important for any website, because through it we obtain visibility, and have • Read More »

What Does ASL Stand for

American Sign Language ASL is the acronym for American Sign Language (American Sign Language), the sign system through which deaf and hard-of-hearing Americans communicate with each other and also with people who are not deaf. The system began to be developed in the American school for the deaf in the United States.

What Does HTTP Stand for

Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, in free translation for the Portuguese Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a communication protocol (on application layer that occurs the micro-usuário interaction) used for hypermedia information systems: Web sites that use the HTML language. HTTP is the most widely used method, since 1990, for the Exchange • Read More »

What Does USD Stand for

United States Dollar USD is the currency code United States Dollar (in Portuguese, Us dollar or United States dollar) according to international standard ISO 4217. The “ dollar ” name is derived from the pronunciation of thaler, short for Joachimsthaler. This, in turn, was a silver coin that was minted for the first time in • Read More »

What Does CEA Stand for

Clemens and August C & is the acronym for Clemens and August, brothers founders of the brand. Initially called C & the Brenninkmeijer, the company appeared in 1841 in Sneek, city of the Dutch province Friesland. The brothers were sons of a family tradition in the textile trade, especially in Germany and Netherlands.