What Does VORH Stand for

Oral Rotavirus Vaccine Human “VORH” stands for “Oral Rotavirus Vaccine. The virus cause gastroenteritis, an infection that hits the stomach and intestine, and all Brazilian citizens benefit since 2006 of the vaccine, which is included in the public health system of Brazil, being the first country to take this measure.

What Does WS Stand for

Wesley Cad WS is the acronym for Wesley Cad. This is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, producer and Manager of forró. In mid-2007, Peppers started doing countless shows in various cities in the Northeast, and soon gained national projection, performing in the other regions of the country. Launched as the leader and lead singer of the • Read More »

What Does VDRL Stand for

Venereal Disease Research Laboratory “VDRL” stands for “Venereal Disease Research Laboratory” that, in a literal translation for the Portuguese language, means “Venereal Diseases Research Laboratory”. With the goal of identifying sexually transmitted diseases, like syphilis or lues, the VDRL test is eito through a blood test. This type of examination is also used to follow • Read More »

What Does CONAMA Stand for

National Council for the environment CONAMA is the acronym for national environmental Council. This is a Brazilian – organ created in 1982 by law No. 6,938/81, which establishes the National Environmental Policy – responsible for consultation and deliberation of the national environmental System (SISNAMA). Basically, the institution exists with the aim to study, advise and • Read More »

What Does XML Stand for

eXtensible Markup Language XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language Extensible Markup Language –, in free translation for the Portuguese. This is a W3C recommendation to create markup languages for needs, such as database, text or vector drawings. The language is classified ‘ ’ Extensible because it promotes the definition of markup elements.

What Does ASO Stand for

Occupational health certificate “ASO” is the acronym for “certificate of Occupational Health”. The function of the ASO is to identify if the employee is unable or unfit to perform his duties within the company. A doctor’s work is that generally makes this evaluation.

What Does SLA Stand for

Service Level Agreement SLA stands for Service Level Agreement service level agreement –, in free translation for the Portuguese. This agreement is entered into, essentially, between YOU and your internal client. The SLA describes the service you as well as your goals, responsibilities and roles of the parties to the agreement – whereas other areas • Read More »

What Does TTK Stand for

Catete “ TTK ” is the acronym for “Catete”. A slang used commonly by rappers and graffiti artists cariocas, TTK references the Catete neighborhood, located in the South zone of Rio de Janeiro RJ –. The neighborhood has had as distinguished residents the writer Machado de Assis, the Empress Carlota Joaquina and singer Carmen Miranda, • Read More »

What Does VR Stand for

Virtual Reality VR stands for Virtual Reality Virtual reality –, in free translation for the Portuguese. It is a technology of advanced interface between an operating system and a user. The main goal is to recreate the sense of reality for one person, leading her to an interaction with a temporal reality. To this end, • Read More »

What Does ZH Stand for

Zero Hour ZH is the acronym for Zero hour. This is one of the largest national daily newspapers. Edited in Porto Alegre and controlled by grupo RBS, the ZH was founded in May 1964 by the journalist Ary of oak and, in 1970, the Brazilian media conglomerate took control.

What Does Q&A Stand for

Questions and Answers & Q A is the acronym for Questions and Answers, that free translation for the Portuguese, meaning Questions and answers. This is a document containing questions and answers, often proprietary about the company, service or product.

What Does SAS Stand for

Separation anxiety syndrome SAS is the acronym for separation anxiety syndrome. This is a problem of behavior affected in some dogs when they are left alone. Usually occurs when the calf is removed prematurely from his mother and brothers, ever abused, maternal rejection and personality problems. Genetic factors can also trigger separation anxiety syndrome.

What Does OSAS Stand for

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome OSAS is an acronym for “sleep apnea”. Is the pressure’s collapsing her walls of the pharynx causing OSAs, respiratory failure. Yes, especially when the person is asleep and snoring that the disorder occurs. During the crisis, because of the blockage of the air passage through the pharynx, the person snoring.

What Does DINK Stand for

Double income, in kids DNIK stands for “Double income, in kids”, which in free translation for the Portuguese it means “double income, no kids”. It is a term used to classify the couples who do not want to have children. According to IBGE’s research, the number of couples, mostly young, who chooses this option has • Read More »

What Does VIP Stand for

Very Important Person VIP is the acronym for “Very Important Person” who, in a literal translation for the Portuguese language, means “very important person”. Senior officials with special privileges, important or influential people are assigned to this symbol. The term traveled to the United Kingdom after being born in the language of Russian immigrants who • Read More »

What Does UUID Stand for

what is UUID: UUID stands for Universally Unique IDentifier, which in English literally means ‘universal unique identifier’.

What Does WLAN Stand for

what is WLAN: Is known as the WLAN to the English initials of “Wireless Local Area Network”, which is Spanish means “Of Area Wireless LAN”.

What Do AM and FM Stand for

What are AM and FM: AM and FM, in the world of broadcasting, are acronyms that relate two ways of modulating the carrier of electrical signals. I AM corresponds to the initials of ‘modulated amplitude’, while FM means ‘frequency-modulated’.

What Does URL Stand for

what is URL: URLs are the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, which in Spanish means uniform resource locator.

What Does TDMA Stand for

what is TDMA: TDMA is the acronym for Time Division Multiple Access, which in Spanish translates for time Division Multiple Access. As such, it is a second generation used in telecommunications wireless technology.