What Does HDMI Stand for

what is HDMI: Is known HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface English expression. It is a new connection used to transmit data not compressed as analog standards improved alternative, such as radio frequency, VGA, etc.

What Does Li-Fi Stand for

what is Li-Fi: Li-Fi is an abbreviation for ‘lightfidelity’ or ‘loyalty of light’ which consists of a technology of wireless communication transmitted by visible light. Creators specifically use bulbs or LED lamps for its power and efficiency in the transmission of the light.

What Does FYI Stand for

what is FYI: FYI is an abbreviation for the English term “For your information”, in Spanish it means “for your information”.

What Does BFF Stand for

what is BFF: Initials BFF means “Best friend forever” which in Spanish means “best friends forever”. The term BFF is an English terminology.

What Does ASAP Stand for

what is ASAP: ASAP is an acronym for the English language it means “As Soon As Possible” which in Spanish means “as soon as possible”.

What Does MBA Stand for

what is MBA: Is known as MBA stands for English to refer to the “Master in Business Administration”, which in Spanish means “Master of business administration”. The following master is an academic, postgraduate, dictation program for all individuals who wish to specialize in business.

What Does FOB Stand for

what is FOB: FOB is an abbreviation corresponding to the initials of the English phrase ‘ Free on board’ which in Spanish means ‘Free’ on board, and belongs to the list of Incoterms (international trade terms).

What Does BAE Stand for

what is Bae: Is known as bae to the initials of “before anyone else”, which in Spanish means “before anyone else”.

What Does AKA Stand for

what is AKA: The term AKA or aka is an abbreviation for “Also Know As”. It is an abbreviation in English which means “also known as”, in Spanish.

What Does FAQ Stand for

what is FAQ: FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions English expression, which in Spanish can be translated as ‘frequently asked questions’. As such, it is a list of frequently asked questions with their respective answers on a topic in particular.

What Does ISO Stand for

what is ISO: The word ISO is the abbreviation of several words in English that makes reference to the International Organization for Standardization, which translates to the Spanish International Organization for Standardization, which is responsible for shaping and promoting a system which allows standardization international of a large number of products and which also covers • Read More »

What Does WTO Stand for

What is WTO? The WTO stands for the World Trade Organization, is an international entity with the goal of providing the commercial opening of all countries. The Organization set up in 1995, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, has 162 countries as States – members.

What Does RNA Stand for

what is RNA: The RNA stands for “RNA”, acid which intervenes next to the DNA in the synthesis of proteins and the transfer of genetic information from DNA. Also, international abbreviation is RNA which means “Ribonucleic Acid”.

What Does TIRE Stand for

what is a tire: A tire is a circular piece, usually of metal, located in the center of a wheel and on which is placed a tyre and that goes together with the axis of the vehicle. This term is especially used in Spain.

What Does SME Stand for

what is the SME: Is known as SME to the acronym meaning “Small and medium-sized enterprises” that exist in the market of a country. The SMEs are acronyms that are used to classify a company in relation to the number of workers according to their sector of activity, and in some countries by net income.

What Does UNDP Stand for

what is UNDP: Acronym UNDP identify the “program of the Nations United for development”, belongs to the United Nations, but it is a decentralized organization that collaborates with Governments and citizens in finding solutions for human development and the development of various projects that help improve different areas.

What Does CURP Stand for

what is CURP: Is known as CURP to the initials of the Clave single population register. It is an instrument that is assigned to all persons residing in Mexico, as well as to Mexicans who are located overseas.

What Does RIP Stand for

what is RIP: Is known as RIP and R.I.P to the acronym “Requiescat in pace”, is an expression in latin that means “rest in peace”, in Spanish.

What Does PFF Stand for

what is Pff: Pff is an onomatopoeic expression that would become the written representation of the sound of a snort.

What Does GDP Stand for

what is the GDP: Is known as the GDP to the initials of “Gross domestic product” is the monetary value of all goods and services produced in a given region, during a given period, usually a year.