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What does LED Mean

The LED is a semiconductor electronic components, namely, an led (L.E. D = Light emitting diode), the same technology used in computer chips, which have the property of transforming electrical energy into light. Such a transformation is different from that found in conventional lamps using metal filaments, ultraviolet radiation and discharge of gases, among others. • Read More »

What is LED

What is led: LED is the acronym for Light Emitting diode, which means “led”. It consists of a light-driving technology, from electric power.

What is an LED?

In 1961 two researchers, Robert Biard and Gary Pittman, discovered that a certain compound was capable of emitting infrared radiation when traversed by an electric current. This compound is GAAS (gallium arsenide), this compound is used in the manufacture of diodes and other rectifiers. But infra-violet radiation can not be seen with the naked eye, • Read More »

What is a Bike Light

The bicycle lighting is the set of components allowing a rider to see and be seen in the dark or low visibility conditions. These components may be lights or reflective elements. In most countries, the lighting is mandatory equipment. Lighting is an essential element of the urban cyclist. However, it is also useful to the sports cyclist, for drives with little visibility, or for night • Read More »

What does LED Stand for

LED stands for light emitting diode, is a light emitting diode and belongs to the electronic Semiconductor components. When electricity passes through the diode, it produces light, infrared or ultraviolet radiation. The semiconductor comprise the diodes have either a blue, yellow, red or green coloring. In addition to colorless LED, there are lamps models in • Read More »