What Does CBJR Stand for

Charlie Brown Jr.

CBJR is the acronym for Charlie Brown Jr. was a brazilian rock band formed in 1992 in the city of Santos. His lyrics were composed by social issues and the prospect of the young contemporary. The melody had a mixture of rock, hardcore, reggae and skate punk, creating his own style. According to surveys of the streaming platform Deezer, CBJR is the second brazilian rock band more heard abroad, after the Grave.

The founding member of the band was vocalist Alexander the great Abram, best known with Whiner. After his death, on 6 March 2013, due to an overdose of cocaine and alcohol, the other band members decided to no longer use the name Charlie Brown Jr., and went on to call the dealer. But the group became extinct in September, six months after the death of Weeping, because the bassist-founder of CBJR and vocalist of Banker was found dead in his home.