What Does CONAMA Stand for

National Council for the environment

CONAMA is the acronym for national environmental Council. This is a Brazilian – organ created in 1982 by law No. 6,938/81, which establishes the National Environmental Policy – responsible for consultation and deliberation of the national environmental System (SISNAMA). Basically, the institution exists with the aim to study, advise and propose to the Government, the guidelines that Government policies should take for the exploitation and preservation of natural resources and the environment. In addition, the CONAMA, within its limits, determine standards and create standards compatible with the harmonious ecological environment and essential to integrate quality of life.

Chaired by the Minister of the environment, the Board has a meeting in Brasilia – quarterly meetings are public and open to the public. In the other States of Brazil exists in the ’ s CONEMA (environmental State Council).

One of the core competencies of CONAMA are: determining the need for alternatives research and the likely environmental consequences of private or public projects; decision, ultimately, as the fines and other penalties imposed by IBAMA;.