What Does CURP Stand for

what is CURP:

Is known as CURP to the initials of the Clave single population register. It is an instrument that is assigned to all persons residing in Mexico, as well as to Mexicans who are located overseas.

The CURP was established on October 23, 1996, by means of its publication in the official journal of the Federation. The CURP allows identifying individually to all citizens in the records of persons in charge of public institutions, aiming to provide people with legal certainty and improve the relationships between them and the public institutions. Also can carry a formality in a simple and entertaining, which contributes to the Elimination of the different registry keys of people.

The CURP is designed under the following dato:

  • First letter and vowel of the first surname.
  • First letter of the second surname.
  • First letter of the first name.
  • Date of birth (2 last digits of the year, 2 of the month and the day of birth 2).
  • Letter of sex (F or M).
  • Two letters corresponding to the entity of birth; in the case of foreigners, is marked as NE (born overseas).
  • First consonant last name internal.
  • First internal consonant of the second surname.
  • First consonant internal name.
  • Verifying digit from 0-9 for dates of birth to the year 1999 and a-z for dates of birth, 2000.
  • Homoclave, to avoid duplications.

In the CURP is already built-in, other official documents, such as: civil registration, passport, license to drive, all data relating to the system of tax administration, social security, health, among others that are gradually annexed to it, in order to facilitate the provision of services.

Finally, to process the CURP for the first time the user must go to a civil registry or nearest your location, with birth certificate and Identification Office.