What does IBAMA Stand for

Brazilian Institute of the environment

IBAMA is the acronym for the Brazilian Institute of environment and renewable natural resources. It is a federal agency responsible for, basically, for control, preservation, and conservation of fauna and flora. In addition to performing studies on the environment and grant licenses for projects that may impact the nature.

The Institute was created from the enactment of law No. 7735, on 22 February 1989. Four years later, in 1993, the Ministry of environment, which is subordinate to IBAMA. With that, the environmental management became integrated. Before, there were several areas responsible for taking care of issues involving the environment, in different ministries and with different placements.

The entity is in the imagination of Brazilian great protector of the environment – consolidated the idea of environmental protection and conservation, gave more visibility and strengthened concern with nature. Its strong brand is recognised even where the presence of the State is in its infancy. The institution itself has a duty to press the Government to pass laws, create statutes and stricter penalties for environmental crimes.