What does STJ Stand for

Superior Court of Justice

STJ is the acronym of Superior Court of Justice. This is one of the organs of the Judiciary of Brazil. Its role is essentially to ensure the uniformity of interpretations of brazilian federal law, following the constitutional principles and the security and defence of the rule of law. Also called “ Court of ” Citizenship is within their competence to judge ultimately all causes non-specialized infra-constitucionais, to escape justice, Electoral and military work, as well as not handled in the Federal Constitution. The Court also acts as a body to review, including trials of special features < br/> < br/> the SUPREME COURT was created by the Constitution of 1988 and installed the following year. Even with such a short time of history, the institution is of paramount importance in the Brazilian legal scenario. So you can fulfill better its institutional mission, the Superior Court of Justice is organized by the criterion of specialization. Three trial sections, each of which consists of two classes, analyze and judge matters according to the nature of the cause. The Special Court, the Court’s body above them. The administrative functions are carried out by the plenary, integrated by all the Ministers.

First chance, the Court assumes the resource if a lower court has denied applying article of law. On Monday, the SUPREME COURT acts on harmonization of the interpretation of the decisions of the lower courts, that is, when a court diverges from the Superior Court of Justice may know of the issue and unifying interpretation.