What Does UFBA Stand for

Federal University of Bahia

UFBA is the acronym for Universidade Federal da Bahia. It is a public institution of higher education brazilian, considered the largest and most influential in the State capital Salvador and two campus within: barriers and Vitória da Conquista. Maintained by the Federal Government of Brazil and bound to the MEC, the institution has legal regime of autarchy. According to data collected in the year 2009, the University has 113 course options, and 97 in both undergraduate campuses in the capital, eleven in barriers and five in Vitória da Conquista, in addition to graduate courses 93.

UFBA has its beginning dated on 18 February 1808, when the Prince Regent Dom João VI establishes the School of surgery of Bahia, first university course of Brazil. Was elevated to the University on April 8 1946, being composed of the following establishments: Faculdade de Medicina da Bahia, law school, Polytechnic School, Faculty of philosophy and the Faculty of economic sciences.

The doctor and professor Edgar Santos – first Rector of the University, in conducting during the post World War II – was the main articulator of the invitation to artists and intellectuals of the European avant-garde, with difficulties to find work because of the postwar period, teach at UFBA. The initiative was crucial to the formation of a new artistic-cultural generation in Bahia, who later would promote the new Cinema and Tropicalia.