20 Acronyms of the English Most Popular

Sure that on several occasions I’ve found with acronyms of the English language and you’ve got OMG (‘Oh my god’). With the advancement of technologies it is very common to find acronyms like this daily, and it is that it is a practice increasingly used by part of the users of social networks(Even users of the social networks • Read More »

The Meaning of HD

The that is HD: HD is an acronym whose meaning may refer to “High Definition” or “Hard Disk”. The expression “High Definition” means “High Definition”. HDTV is a characteristic of the tv sets that receive digital signal and present the image with high resolution.


Loyalty and faithfulness are words with similar meanings, and although many believe that they are synonymous, these two words have different senses. They represent more of these pranks of the Portuguese Language. Was surprised to know that loyalty and fidelity are different things? Let us explain what it means loyalty, faithfulness. Originating from the Latin legalis, the word was used to point • Read More »

What Is Audited

Audited is a variation of the verb audit, whose origin refers to the Latin term auditarethat gave rise to the audit. Thus, audited means something or that which has been subjected to a process of analysis, which is carried out by the auditors. The auditors, in turn, are the professionals in charge of certifying the procedures are performed by • Read More »

What Is Understanding

Understanding is a feminine noun. The term comes from the Latin prensio, which is a shortening of prehensio, from the verb prehendere, which means “to grasp, apprehend”. The meaning of Understanding is the act of understanding and assimilating something. Understanding is the ability to understand the meaning of something, that is, it is the action, ability, or effect to understand.

AC and DC

The abbreviation AC DC has several meanings, but the most well-known of them is connected to the rock band australian. The band AC DC was formed in 1973 in Sydney, Australia by Malcolm and Angus Young, who are brothers. The band was one of the first and also one of the most influential heavy metal, as well as others in • Read More »


The meaning of the WHO is the World Health Organization, international agency specializing in health, with your name in foreign language is the World Health Organization (WHO). Founded in 1948 (its Constitution entered into force on 7 April of that year), the WHO has its headquarters in Geneva, located in Switzerland. The World Health Organization was, as you can • Read More »


“Office of water” would be the correct translation for TOILET (Water Closet), but in English has the meaning of private, sink, toilet. In English-speaking countries the term is used to public toilets in places of free access, such as shopping malls, squares, etc. It is used in virtue of being a place for the care of the physiological needs, not • Read More »


OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer, or “original Equipment Manufacturer”. In this way, products that are specially manufactured for large companies that need to as important component for the manufacture of the final product may be carried out. What is OEM The term OEM can be employed in various ways and according to the context in which • Read More »


The meaning of ICU is the Intensive care Unit, also known as Unit Intense Treatment. This is a ward or sector located in hospitals, characterized by a constant monitoring (that is, 24 hours) and with need for care is more complex, because there are cases of patients more serious, you have chances of survival. The hospital to take • Read More »

AM and PM

AM and PM are acronyms used to identify in which period of the day we are. AM and PM come from Latin. The meaning of AM and PM is Ante Meridiem (before noon) and Post Meridien (after noon). The abbreviations AM and PM The abbreviations AM and PM can both appear in uppercase letters as lowercase, with points or without points. In all • Read More »


Hardware can be described as the physical part of a computer. In computing hardware is everything that refers to the computer as a machine and its physical equipment. The Hardware is not a physical component only of personal computers. It is also present on tablets, smartphones, among others.

What is PS

Originally PS has the context of “post scriptum” or, in Latin, “written after”, acronym used at the end of a letter, adding information that had not been included and that was of capital importance for the content of the letter. Over time, however, it has turned into a rhetorical strategy. In addition to correcting memory lapses, it informs • Read More »

Guide on Acronyms and Designations of Lenses and Photographic Objectives

Each parent calls their child as it pleases, that is clear, but when we come into the world of photography and we find that each brand has a different way to describe the objectives and lenses in his catalogue, the thing starts to bundling. When we are accustomed to a brand is easily understandable, at least for • Read More »

Buy Led Is Not Spending, Is Investment

Sustainable solutions and products in the industry business lounge Products, equipment and sustainable solutions occupy some Salon booths Industry business, one of the parallel events of the entrepreneur fair MT 2015. Entrepreneurs bet on sustainability as a trend that is here to stay and are excited about that prospect and win new customers at the • Read More »

Htc Is Catching Up

GPS cell phones are the new trend. Hardly a mobile ventures more without GPS receiver in the trade. No matter whether its focus on multimedia or business features is.

What does LED Mean

The LED is a semiconductor electronic components, namely, an led (L.E. D = Light emitting diode), the same technology used in computer chips, which have the property of transforming electrical energy into light. Such a transformation is different from that found in conventional lamps using metal filaments, ultraviolet radiation and discharge of gases, among others. • Read More »

What’s the Meaning of LED

Do you know what a LED is and how does it work? Is there only one type of LED or are there several? If there are several, what are the differences between them? Why do not we see the infrared LED? Well, there are a lot of doubts about this and we’ll talk about all • Read More »

What is USB?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is a technology that made it easier to connect devices and peripheral devices to your computer (such as keyboards, mice, modems, digital cameras) without the need to shut down Play “) and in a unique, universal format, without the use of a connector type specific to each device.

What is CCTV

In the area of systems monitoring and electronic security, CCTV is the acronym used for closed circuit TV, which originated in the stands for the same service, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). But in practice what is CCTV? The closed circuit TV is nothing more than an internal monitoring system, accomplished through cameras distributed and connected • Read More »