Amazon SEO Tools

Amazon SEO Tools

With the keyword management tool Helium 10, we lay the foundation for a keyword-optimized Amazon listing. Sellers have 12 different features available to them in the premium version of the Amazon SEO tool, which cover all important functions for sellers, from keyword management to inventory reimbursement. In the following, we will focus on keyword management and keyword analysis with (1) “Scribbles”, (2) Cerebro (brother), (3) Magnet2 (sister) and (4) the classic keyword tracker.


With the Scribbles feature you initially have the option of all listing components

  • Product title
  • Bullet points
  • Product description
  • Search terms

from Amazon with regard to the permissible number of characters and thus make the best possible use of it. The Amazon SEO tool automatically shows you as soon as you exceed the maximum number of characters. The main USP of Scribbles, however, is that Amazon sellers can directly import their finished listings into the feature using a URL or ASIN and thus analyze them in terms of keyword density. What would otherwise be lost in a finished listing is now visible in scribbles using color highlighting – making adjustments easy to implement. According to abbreviationfinder, SEO stands for search engine optimization.

  1. CEREBRO(Bride)

We now refer to our Cerebro feature of the Amazon SEO tool Helium 10 as the little brother of “Magnet2” (sister), because the two belong very closely together and are similar to each other.

With Cerebro you have the opportunity to store any ASINS from all available marketplaces in the keyword mask and then have the corresponding keywords (exactly from the listing and similar) displayed based on the monthly search volume. The advantage here is that you can quickly find out how your ASIN should be structured in relation to the keywords so that you can estimate their greatest possible sales potential. The competition for niche and long-tail keywords is certainly smaller and you have a better chance of ranking. If the market or However, if the search potential is too low, it will be difficult to place an ASIN that generates good sales as a bestseller. Here it is important to develop a sensitivity for which keywords are really relevant in order to rank.

With the so-called Cerebro IQ Score (an index determined by Helium 10) you can also find out how the search volume should be assessed in relation to the competition. The following applies here: the higher the IQ score, the better. Because this shows: The competition is low compared to the corresponding search volume.

  1. MAGNET2(sister)

In comparison to Cerebro, with the Magnet2 feature you can directly check a freely selectable keyword for the corresponding search volume. This has the advantage that you can act “ASIN-independently” if you already have a precise keyword idea. The Amazon SEO tool offers retailers an optimal opportunity to assess their potential when introducing or launching new products. At Magnet2, for example, ASINS are also suggested to you in the Amazon frontend, which rank well for the corresponding keywords (reference to Cerebro; hence brother and sister).

IMPORTANT: When it comes to estimating the sales potential, Helium 10 also allows you to install a  Google Chrome plugin  called  Xray  , where you get important information about the competition’s forecast (average) sales and sales from each available ASIN.


With the keyword tracker from Amazon SEO Tool Helium 10, you have a clear and easy-to-use feature in which you can view the current ranking of any (sensibly your own) ASINS in relation to freely selectable keywords. The keywords of the sponsored ads (PPC management) are taken into account in a separate column and can be evaluated in direct comparison to the organic ranking. The keyword tracker serves as an extremely useful control tool for you to be able to understand which keyword you are ranking well with (correspondingly generating sales) and where your product is not visible in Amazon’s SERP. Useful detailed displays, such as charts showing the trend development of the rankings or the search volume of the stored keywords, make the Amazon SEO tool even more useful, which means that we as an Amazon agency are happy to make a clear recommendation.

The rocket:

Since the Amazon algorithm A9 sometimes adjusts the rankings every minute, you may notice improvements or deteriorations in rankings within short periods of time. These changes are sometimes not indicated correctly by the keyword tracker because the positions are not measured in real time.
For example, it may be that you find your product in the SERP with rank 5 on page 1, but the keyword tracker gives position 22 for exactly this keyword. In most cases, Amazon is testing the conversion for this specific product over a specific period of time.

To make these changes visible in the keyword tracker, all you have to do is activate the little rocket in front of a keyword. The Amazon SEO tool will then query the position for the keyword at a very narrow interval and inform you about the exact position changes.

BidX – A leading Amazon PPC tool for optimization & automation of Amazon Ads – made in Germany

BidX has become indispensable for us as an Amazon agency for the time-saving creation and optimization of sponsored ads on Amazon   . Especially when it comes to creating, overviewing and optimizing very complex ad structures, the tool removes a lot of manual work and the campaigns can be created with just a few clicks. BidX advertises with the slogan “Enjoy Amazon Ads on Autopilot” and working with the tool is actually a pleasure because it is easy to use and the successes speak for themselves.

Over 1000 customers in 42 countries trust BidX. The Darmstadt-based company already manages advertising expenditure of over €100 million and also offers a managed service for major customers and agencies for the Amazon DSP.

Due to its wide range of functions and the constant development of new features, BidX was named one of the top 10 tools by an independent expert and was also included in the German Accelerator program by the Federal Ministry of Economics.

Another plus point in advance: The BidX Amazon PPC tool is available in its entirety in both English and German.


At the beginning of every campaign, the right keywords must be determined. This time-consuming research of relevant keywords is made significantly easier by BidX. The tool takes on this task and suggests promising keywords that can be incorporated directly into the campaigns. This means that the sponsored products appear exactly when potential customers make corresponding search queries.


BidX offers the opportunity to create complete campaign structures with just a few clicks to lay the foundation for optimally performing ads. These are automatically synchronized with the respective Amazon seller or vendor account.


BidX continuously analyzes the performance of Amazon advertisements using self-learning algorithms and makes them more profitable through bid and keyword adjustments. This saves valuable time and resources. The BidX algorithm automatically recognizes well and poorly performing keywords and adjusts the respective bids accordingly. The profitability of the ads is increased many times over through daily adjustments – with BidX taking over all the manual work.


BidX makes it possible to always keep an eye on the success of advertisements on Amazon. The clear dashboard and individual reports, which are available for download, show all the important key figures for evaluating Amazon campaigns at a glance.


In order to achieve the best possible results with BidX, it is also possible to evaluate the ad performance together with an Amazon Advertising expert from BidX. If you have any questions about the tool, BidX can be reached via chat, email and telephone and also offers support in German.


Since we have been successfully using BidX to manage Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands for some time, we have also benefited from numerous feature updates. This year BidX introduced the TACoS metric. This allows the total ACoS to be viewed, which shows the positive effect of advertising on organic sales. The Schedule & Boost function has also recently been released as a beta feature, which makes it possible to plan adjustments in advance. A huge advantage for retailers who, for example, want to respond to increased customer interest with a coordinated advertising strategy on Prime Day.


The  Amazon PPC tool BidX  has made our work with Amazon advertising campaigns much easier and we have achieved noticeable improvements in performance for our agency customers.

No matter whether you are an experienced retailer or have just started as an Amazon seller, sooner or later a PPC automation tool is essential to keep track of even complex ad structures and to scale through automation.

With BidX it is possible to create and optimize a clean and professional campaign structure with the 1-click setup, just as we would do with many manual individual steps. BidX, on the other hand, uses machine learning to increase performance specifically and as efficiently as possible. It is also possible to define your own rules for optimization. We can therefore clearly recommend the BidX Amazon Ads Tool for Amazon sellers and agencies!

SELLERBOARD – Amazon SEO tool for controlling and profit analysis

It is sometimes not always easy to correctly evaluate the reports provided to retailers by Amazon and record all costs. As an Amazon agency, we have often found that sellers only know their margin up to the point at which the goods are transferred to Amazon (FBA). Many fees or costs are then simply ignored and incorrect assumptions are sometimes made. The Amazon SEO tool Sellerboard has taken on exactly this problem, claiming to be the most accurate profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers. Sellerboard is available for every Amazon marketplace country. Below we look at the most important functions in detail.


The main functionality of Sellerboard is the analysis of profits and controlling. All relevant costs, data and figures are transmitted from Amazon to Sellerboard in real time via the API.
This also includes costs such as expenses for promotional campaigns, return costs, storage fees, reimbursement costs and much more. taken into account.
Furthermore, fixed costs that arise in connection with Amazon can be deposited. These can be created as a monthly interval or one-off costs. For example, tax advisor costs, prep. Storage costs, costs for other Amazon SEO tools…

All important KPIs can be displayed in different views. In the useful chart view, values ​​can be configured by date, sales, profit, return costs, etc. This means you can always keep an eye on the key figures that are most important to you.

All costs can be viewed and evaluated in detail as a whole or broken down according to the respective product.


For traders, liquidity and cash flow are two of the most important metrics. Goods often have to be pre-financed. In order not to fall into arrears, it is essential to always keep an eye on your financial resources. The Amazon SEO tool Sellerboard also provides an extremely useful function for this.
All incoming and outgoing payments can be recorded in the cash flow overview. Payment flows from Amazon are recorded independently in comparison with the profit analysis.
In addition, a forecast for the available liquidity is created.


Sellerboard also offers the option of monitoring Amazon inventory. In addition to the current inventory levels and storage values, the sales speed of the respective product is also recorded and an extrapolation for the inventory range is created based on this. With the help of these functions, an exact date for reordering the goods is specified.

This function is extremely useful, especially in combination with the cash flow overview mentioned above. This means that the capital tie-up period can be sustainably improved in combination with good controlling. In the best case, this increases liquidity, which can flow into new products, promotions, etc.


So far we have not found an Amazon SEO tool that comes close to the accuracy of Sellerboard’s profit analysis. Data is presented clearly and comprehensibly and you can configure many views yourself. This allows Sellerboard to allow the user to always have an overview of all the information that is important to them.
We can give a clear recommendation to all Amazon retailers.

If we were able to arouse your interest in  Sellerboard , you can test the entire range of functions of the software for two months, completely free of charge and without risk.

Amazon SEO Tools

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