Meaning of Avocar

Before entering fully into the clarification of the meaning of the term avocar, we have to proceed to know the etymological origin of that verb. In this case, it must be stated that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically, it comes from the verb “advocare” which is the result of the sum of two components of that language:
-The prefix “ad-“, which can be translated as “towards”.
-The verb “vocare”, which is synonymous with “call”.

The term is used in the field of law to refer to what is done by an authority when it assumes the resolution of a conflict whose ruling corresponds to a lower-ranking body.

Certification is a resource that the public administration uses to exercise its competence in order to resolve a specific dispute, causing the resolution to pass from a lower body to a higher one.

It can be said that, by advocating, the higher-ranking body “takes away” from the lower body the possibility of resolving a specific conflict. In this way it makes use of its competence, something that is only possible when the bodies belong to the same administration.

Among the techniques within the administrative and legal field that are associated with a certiorari, it is essential to highlight the management assignment, which consists of transferring the material aspect of a matter to a different body. When it is carried out it does not mean that the commissioner loses his competence or power over the matter. No, it maintains it, but it only leaves it to another body to carry out technical or material tasks.

It must be stated that when certiorari is carried out and techniques such as the aforementioned are chosen, the usual thing is that the process consists of completely transferring the matter in question and not just one of its parts.

On the contrary, in front of certiorari is delegation. This consists of a higher body or entity transferring the competence to a lower one. Of course, the former will retain ownership of it and there is even the possibility that the time may come to revoke the aforementioned delegation if, due to different circumstances, it deems it appropriate.

Beyond the realm of law, the idea of ​​avocar is sometimes used as a synonym of dedicating oneself to something or deriving in a certain state. This is due to a confusion with the concept of abocar (with B), whose meanings include, according to the DigoPaul, the action of leading and completely surrendering to a task. For this reason, an expression such as “I believe that young people are going to dedicate themselves to this solidarity task” is not correct, but should be written as follows: “I believe that young people are going to dedicate themselves to this solidarity task”.


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