Low Tide

Meaning of Low Tide

Low tide is called the end of the ebb of the sea. It should be noted that the idea of ​​ebb refers to the downward displacement of the tide (alternative and periodic movement that, due to the influence exerted by the moon and the sun, carried out by the maritime waters).

Low tide, therefore, occurs when the tide goes out and the ebb comes to an end. Also known as low tide, low tide is the moment in which the sea registers its lowest height.

The state opposite to low tide is high tide (or high tide): in this case, the sea water reaches its maximum height. In general, about six hours elapse before the sea goes from high to low.

The complete cycle implies that the flow of the sea (the rising process of the water) occurs, the moment of high tide is reached, then the ebb (the descending process) begins and finally the moment of low tide is reached. This cycle repeats itself constantly. The difference in height between low and high tide is known as the tidal range or race.

Low tide and high tide can be predicted. In a document called the tidal table, the dates, times and heights of the tides in the different sectors of the sea coast are published. This information is very useful for fishermen.

Bajamar is also the name of a town on the Spanish island of Tenerife. We can exactly determine that it is a locality belonging to the municipality of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. It has become an interesting tourist destination on the island and that is due, among other things, to the fact that it has beautiful natural seawater pools. However, it also offers its visitors the beach of San Juan as well as two important enclaves such as Charco Redondo and Charco de Mariane.

In the same way, it should not be overlooked either that Bajamar has two important events throughout the year. One is the international Folkloric Festival and the other the Fiesta de las Viejas Glorias del Paso, which brings together older generations of surfers in the area.

This is also the name of a beach in the province of Malaga (also in Spain). In Vélez-Málaga is exactly where the aforementioned beach is located, which is not one of the most touristy on the Costa del Sol since it is, above all, nudist. It has dark sand, its waters are calm and its dimensions are 800 meters long and 25 meters wide.

It is also the name of an Argentine television miniseries that aired in 1995 (“Bajamar, la costa del silencio”). Fernando Spiner was the director and screenwriter of this television production that featured a cast made up of actors such as Germán Palacios, Teresa Constantini, Patricio Contreras and Leonardo Sbaraglia. It tells the story of a small coastal town that is convulsed when on the shore of its beach the body of a man, Dr. Pusack, is discovered. And that will also bring about the fact that this town is full of secrets and mysteries.

Low Tide

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