Poultry Farming

Meaning of Poultry Farming

The first thing to know is the etymological origin of the term poultry. Specifically, we can state that it is a neologism that has been formed from the sum of three words from Latin:
-The noun “avis”, which can be translated as “bird”.
-The verb “colere”, which is synonymous with “cultivate”.
-The suffix “-ura”, which is used to refer to the result of a specific activity.

Poultry farming refers to the techniques, procedures and knowledge that allow the development of poultry farming. It is a practice that involves the care of these animals at the domestic level, with some kind of purpose.

Poultry farming, within this framework, encompasses everything related to the raising of birds, including those related to the habitat of these animals. According to the interest of the poultry farmer, he can focus on raising chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigeons or other species.

It is common for poultry farming to focus on meat production and on obtaining eggs and / or feathers. With this objective in mind, the raising of poultry is developed, an activity that can be very lucrative when carried out on a large scale.

Every time a person eats chicken, duck or turkey, prepares a fried egg or wears a hat with natural feathers, they are making use of a product generated from poultry.

Regarding birds as food for human beings, almost the entire body is consumed: breasts, legs, wings, etc. Eggs, on the other hand, can be prepared in multiple ways and used in different recipes. That is why poultry farming is important in human nutrition.

In recent years, what has been called organic poultry farming has been shaped. It is based on the following pillars:
-Work with turkeys. Each turkey to be considered organic has to respect a series of conditions: a maximum of 2,500 specimens per hen house must be raised, there must be 10 square meters of space per animal…
-There are also organic chickens, organic chickens…
-Among the main markets that This type of poultry farming has managed to open is the sale of organic eggs. And it is that this has increased significantly in recent years.
-Germany, United Kingdom or France are some of the countries of the European Union where the most is betting on organic poultry farming. And that without overlooking others like Denmark or Austria.

Beyond birds as food, poultry farming serves the development of various disciplines. The colombicultura, to cite one case, a branch of poultry farming consisting of breeding and training pigeons so they can act as messengers. The canaricultura, meanwhile, involves raising domestic canaries that many people decide to have in cages as pets.

In addition to all the above, we have to point out that there are relevant organizations in the matter at hand. Thus, for example, in Spain there is the so-called Royal School of Poultry, based in Arenys de Mar.

Poultry Farming

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