Meanings of Raw

The Latin word crudus came into our language as crude. The most common use of the term refers to food that was not cooked by fire or other heat source, or that is not yet at its right point.

For example: “We still have to wait a while longer to eat, the chicken is still raw”, “Raw vegetables provide a lot of nutrients”, “Steaks, do you usually freeze them raw or cooked?” .

There are products that, when raw, are not edible due to their texture or other characteristics, or because they can even cause intoxication. Hamburgers that are made with beef and other ingredients, to cite one case, should not be eaten raw. This is because ground or ground meat can contain Escherichia coli, a bacteria that causes hemolytic uremic syndrome. If the hamburger is cooked correctly and is no longer raw, these bacteria die and can no longer affect people.

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In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that there are other foods that can be eaten raw. We are referring, for example, to fruits and even to a series of vegetables such as vegetables, among which are tomatoes, cucumbers or carrots.

Specifically, it is considered that eating them raw brings with it a long list of health benefits, among which we can highlight the following:

-Allows all the nutrients of these foods to reach the body, some of which can be lost during cooking.

-It should not be overlooked that eating these products raw manages to provide the body with a large dose of energy.

-It is achieved not to destroy enzymes, which are eliminated when food is cooked.

-Perhaps you don’t know it, but certain studies carried out have come to make it clear that eating raw fruits and some vegetables helps you fall asleep better. Moreover, it is considered that they will help make rest much more pleasant and fulfilling.

-You can also have a better state of mind and, above all, a better mood.

-Taking products like this provides more fiber to the body and that will mean that the intestinal transit is in perfect condition.

-Eating certain foods like this is a great option to have greater mental clarity.

-Of course, taking these products raw is a way to save time in cooking them and also to save energy, the electricity or gas that is consumed when preparing them in the ceramic hob or similar device.

When the oil has not yet been refined, on the other hand, it is classified as crude. Crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons and other organic compounds that is obtained from the interior of the Earth. So that it can be used in different areas, this substance is subjected to a refinement process that generates chemical changes.

Raw, finally, is used to describe what is done with brutality, cruelty or ruthlessness and at the same time that is intemperate and difficult to tolerate: “The crude story of the victim moved the journalists”, “This year we have had a very harsh winter. ”


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